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membership enquiries

To apply for membership of HOTCATS, please download and complete the form below or contact Paul at Saltcote by email:

Membership in Word format
Membership in PDF format

Please return to:
Saltcote Place, Saltcote Lane,
, TN31 7NR

Recent achievements

Engagement with the Confederation of Passenger Transport reference coach friendly status to Rye resulting in physical attendance and high level plans to improve the perception of Rye Bay in the Coach community, in association with a commitment from the Rye Bay Marketing Ltd to pursue this as an agenda item.

Instigation of the Rye Euro Scheme and the promotion of this on French National television.

Since taking over the 2012 the Official Rye guides we have not relied on public funds, we have significantly grown the guide each year, 100% of the profit is used to promote the Rye Bay Area.
Active advertising programme in the press.

Formation of two new Websites - this one and

Discounted rates for advertising in the Rye Guide

Commission payments into HOTCATS from EVIVO booking system

Donations to Charities, such as St. Michaels Hospice, Demelza House and Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer Charity

Design and Production of new ceramic Membership plaques suitable for external use

Far better relations with the Chamber of Commerce than at any time in recent memory

Excellent relations with Rye Bay Marketing Ltd where member’s interests and concerns are well represented

A very healthy association of coordinated friendly people ready to take us forward during recessionary times as a team

we aim to achieve this with :-

(a) A Membership drive to raise awareness and funds

(b) Wider marketing with the funds in association with neighbouring partners such as Visit Kent, Folkestone and Hythe

Join Rye & District Hotels & Caterers Association

members businesses for sale

Some of our Member's Businesses are retiring and as such some are currently for sale. For a confidential list apply by e-mail to giving your full name address and contact telephone numbers.

membership benefits of the Rye & district hotels & caterers association (hotcats)

HOTCATS was started in 1961 by our President, Tony Mann, and a few other dedicated accommodation providers and Caterers who felt
there was a need for a structured body to promote tourism and catering in the Rye and District area and participation in other
discounted marketing opportunities by virtue of membership.

The area that we cover is basically a 7 mile radius from the Town Hall in Rye with one or two exceptions when establishments fall outside this area, but are not able to be part of any other organisation, i.e. there is nothing else they can join that can help and support them.

At present our Association has a very healthy Membership of around 50 Members with a very active three monthly meeting structure (which always includes a social event). This is not only very enjoyable but an excellent networking opportunity.

The Association has a full Constitution along with a Management Structure in which, effectively, all Members form the Committee.
Therefore everybody has a say in the running and decision-making of the Association.

The benefits of Membership are as follows :-

  1. We are Affiliate Members of the British Hospitality Association, benefits as above, but including legal support and yet more direct Government lobbying ability.

  2. Free entry to the Website, which is HOTCATS own site and only includes Members. All Members can be in as many sections as they justify.

  3. For Members who are accommodation providers we have a system in place for keeping each other advised of room availability. Especially helpful for those last minute cancellations.

  4. For our Catering Members they have automatic access to circulating all our Members with menus etc, plus any special  events they may have and the added advantage of knowing that as Members they would be recommended to guests of accommodation providers where appropriate.

  5. Free inclusion in advertising that is undertaken, for example our Website is advertised in The Commuter magazine where we have a ¼ page in full cover in every issue. This magazine is distributed bi-monthly free of charge to Southern Rail and Euro Star users, print run 150,000. We have also negotiated special advertising rates for our Members in this publication if they should wish to take an advert themselves.

  6. Representation on Rye Bay Marketing Ltd which is the influential and premier Group promoting the Rye and District along with all the advertising opportunities that this entails.

  7. Representation on the Rye and District Chamber of Commerce where we have a very good working relationship and circulate their correspondence amongst our Members as well and vice a versa.

  8. There is also the availability to advertise your business for sale on the website.

  9. We are the originators of the campaign designed to drive traffic and footfall around the Cinque Ports in collaboration with other Cinque Ports Partners.

All of the above for the one-off Joining fee of £25.00., which includes Membership Certificate and Ceramic Plaque and an ongoing
Fee of £50.00 per annum.

Therefore, the first year is £75.00 and each subsequent year is £50.00.


Paul King (Marketing)
Phone 01797 222220

See About Us for further information on Rye & District Hotel & Caterers Association.

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